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Top Tips for Australian Retailers

Retail In Australia

It’s time to embrace the digital future.


How do retailers develop and execute on the right digital and off-line cross channel strategy to maximise consumer engagement?

In today’s multichannel world, the boundaries between virtual and physical stores are blurred and competition from international retailers is growing. The local retail landscape has irrevocably changed - from “bricks and mortar” to “bricks and clicks” to purely “e-tail” – the evolution of retail is ongoing and carries significant ramifications for those who choose not to keep up with the pace of change.

Experian Marketing Services commissioned research amongst 300 Australian retailers from B2B and B2C organisations to gain a more complete picture of the Australian e-commerce environment.

This report examines the retailers’ responses, and draws upon the Experian Marketing Services experience and expertise in the online retail environment to provide commentary on the current state of online retail in Australia. It offers a way forward for those retailers seeking to overcome perceived barriers and develop a sound e-commerce strategy that will carry their business into the future.


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