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The 2015 Digital Marketer

The 2015 Digital Marketer


A must have resource for every marketer! This report provides not only invaluable insights, but is also a roadmap for guiding marketers on their journey to customer obsession.
Based on feedback from over 180 Australian and New Zealand brand marketers, and 1000 marketers globally, the 2015 report is filled with benchmarks and trends as well as numerous examples of data and marketing best practices.

The 2015 Digital Marketer Report covers:

  • The top challenges organisations are facing when it comes to executing on their cross-channel strategies and how these can also be the biggest opportunities
  • The importance of a data management and linkage strategy to create a true and panoramic view of your customers
  • Using data insights to inform your messaging, crafting conversations that are as unique as your customer in order to optimise interactions
  • Achieving optimal engagement with your customers across all channels and how the right technology will enable you to deliver the most relevant individualised message at each stage of that customer’s journey

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