Target new prospects

Find and engage your best customers

Identity Manager

Use predictive consumer insight to reach your target customers with highly optimised offers that are delivered in the most effective channel, at the right time, realising higher marketing performance.

Optimise content for target audiences

Using your own customer data, enriched by Experians’ rich consumer data, identify your best customers, as well as their content, messaging and channel preferences.

Identify and target your best customers

Reach beyond your current customer base by enhancing your strategy with pre-packaged digital audiences developed to reach specific behavioural, psychographic or life stage audiences. Or, develop unique prospect audiences that are optimised using statistical response and profitability modeling for precise, real-time decisioning to meet your business objectives.

Turn insight into action:
  • Deliver more relevant content across channels
  • Reach your most profitable audiences at an individual level
  • Develop precise, insight-driven prospecting strategies

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