Manage cross-channel marketing

Centralise the production and management of campaigns across all channels

Identity Manager

Enable marketers to manage and optimise cross-channel campaigns and interactions to improve your marketing performance.

Unlike other cross-channel campaign management offerings, where campaign assets are managed in separate systems or across channel-specific vendors, the Experian Marketing Suite provides a central location for all campaign management functions.

Deliver more coordinated and consistent messaging throughout the entire customer lifecycle



Focus less on logistics and more on coordinated experiences

Ensure consistently branded campaigns with cross-channel content that can be easily created and inserted into any message in any channel.

Create sophisticated dynamic content rules that are reusable across channels, and automatically influenced by a combination of real-time, integrated customer data, and deep consumer insights.

Edit and proof content and business rules for campaigns across all channels from a single location.

Coordinate the delivery of campaigns in a single channel or across multiple channels through advanced workflow management tools and a visual program builder.

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Experian Marketing Suite

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