Experian Marketing Suite for publishers

Attract and engage your audience to drive more ad sales

The Experian Marketing Suite enables you to gain insight into why your audience consumes your content and programming so that you can create more of it delivering better experience for your users and higher performance for your advertisers.

Increase audience engagement and grow ad sales by using deep consumer insight to develop content that consumers want to enjoy on the devices they prefer.

More engaged audience by design

Audience intelligence: Gain deeper insight into what your audience does, how they think and what motivates them with on-demand access to unparalleled cross-channel consumer research.

Acquire more audience: Develop high performance digital strategies to acquire more of the audience you want with insight into what consumers do online across both desktop and mobile devices.

Audience activation: Deliver more effective campaigns and measureable results by matching clients’ audience data to display, video, social, mobile and television media.

Identity resolution: Improve campaign performance with more actionable consumer data by linking first, second and third party consumer data and device IDs across the advertising ecosystem.

Cross-channel marketing: Communicate directly with subscribers across email, mobile, social and print to build more engagement and advocacy for your brand.

Audience engagement benefits
  • Attract new users
  • Develop more discoverable content
  • Describe audience more clearly
  • Higher subscriber usage

Experian Marketing Suite

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