Marketing Suite

Built upon Experian Marketing Services' 30 years of data-driven marketing expertise and cloud-based technology, the Marketing Suite unites Experian's customer identity, analytics and cross-channel marketing solutions into a single marketing platform.

Identity Manager

Get a true and panoramic view of your customers.

Intelligence Manager

Understand your customer behaviours and preferences to optimise interactions.

Interactions Manager

Intelligently interact with customers across any channel.

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Customer Centric Transformation


Unlock transformational insights from Australia’s most prominent CMOs
Our research investigates how prominent Australian CMOs are implementing change in order to assist others in their journey toward customer centricity.

New report

                     interactions management

Real-time interactions management
Check out the Forrester WaveTM for Real Time Interactions Management report, where Experian Marketing Services was rated as a “Strong Performer”.

Case Study

                     Group Case Study

Mark Group Case Study
Experian Marketing Services supported the Mark Group to implement a Cross-Channel strategy to help grow its brand and acquire new customers.