Interactions Manager

Engage your customer with the right message, every time

Identity Manager

Move beyond coordinated push campaigns to deliver more personalised interactions across all channels.

Optimise cross-channel marketing performance

Achieve higher performance and improve marketing return on investment by delivering the right message to the right person when they are most receptive to it and in the most convenient channel.

Cross-channel campaign management: Manage and orchestrate all customer interactions within a single system, in real-time.

Cross-channel execution: Leverage a highly flexible approach to data-driven campaign management and real-time execution, allowing marketers to plan, orchestrate and optimise customer interactions across marketing channels, including email, mobile, socialweb, and digital print.

Activate customer data: Use first-party customer and prospect data to improve advertising performance in every addressable channel: display, mobile, social and video.

Clients have experienced:
  • Better utilisation of advertising and marketing spend
  • Higher conversion rates for marketing campaigns
  • Greater customer engagement from coordinated marketing campaigns
  • Shorter campaign deployment times
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