Intelligence Manager

Know where and how to reach your customers


Understand consumer behavior and preferences with Experian Marketing Suite Intelligence Manager to create actionable insights and confidently design, plan and deliver superior brand experiences for higher marketing ROI.

Drive your customer strategy with confidence

Profile: Holistically understand your customer base to identify hidden opportunities, common preferences and behaviours, and gain actionable insight into who they are, how they think and what they do.

Target: Use predictive consumer insights to reach your target customers with highly personalised offers that are delivered through the most effective channels at the right time to achieve higher program performance.

Analyse: Record, measure and integrate customer response activity and behaviors to optimise marketing performance across channels and update campaigns on-the-fly.

Location Intelligence: Analyse local markets, forecast new locations and profile customers online

Increase conversion through actionable insights
  • Determine the best contact strategy and optimise spend
  • Identify which offers are the most important to your most loyal customers
  • Enhance your customers’ experience across multiple channels

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