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Never before has the notion of connectivity mattered so much as it does today. Customers are more vocal and influential than ever before. This paradigm shift has opened to door to new opportunities for brands to leverage the power of social communities and encourage customers to become active brand champions. Brands competing in today’s marketplace can no longer afford to silo their social media strategy from the rest of their marketing initiatives. They must now adopt an integrated social media strategy that delivers more coordinated and consistent brand experiences, develops a deeper understanding of their customers and effectively targets and responds to key influencers. Experian’s cross-channel marketing platform enables brands to break down marketing silos and seamlessly combine social campaigns and data into an integrated cross-channel marketing strategy - drastically increasing customer engagement and rapidly expanding their reach through organic brand advocacy.

Leverage social media to drive more relevant and profitable customer experiences
  • Identify and respond to key social influencers with personalised communications based on integrated customer data and Experian's deep consumer insights
  • Seamlessly coordinate communications with campaigns in other channels through streamlined cross-channel campaign management
  • Monitor and manage customer interactions across all social accounts, pages and apps - all from one platform and interface
  • Automatically measure the engagement and sentiment of fans and followers
  • Enable social sharing of email and web content on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Capture and immediately leverage social profile information of customers and prospects, using Facebook Connect to deliver them more personalised online brand experiences, information and offers (e.g., dynamic Web pages and forms)
  • Track social metrics and immediately integrate them into reporting and audience targeting for cross-channel campaign execution

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