Identify your customers regardless of channel or device

The evolution of the internet has changed customer communications beyond all recognition. Today customers might be getting in touch with you via email, social media, web chat – and across a range of different devices.

So how do you keep track of the conversations you’ve had with your customers and prospects? How do you know you’re working with the latest information, or using the most appropriate channels?

Experian brings together information across disparate methods of communication and give you a single, holistic view of each customer in real time – from a single, simple and comprehensive marketing platform.

Quality data, from the point of entry

Typos and omissions when data is entered into your system can lead to wasted efforts further down the line. Our data quality tools verify information at the point of entry, ensuring your data’s accuracy from the moment it’s captured.

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Deep-cleansed data for maximum accuracy

People move, phone numbers change, customer needs adjust. Where once your data was correct, it might now be outdated. A one-off data cleanse or regular cleaning strategy ensures you’re always working with the most accurate information and reaching the right customers.

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Generate a holistic view of your customers

Want to better target your communications, improve customer service and leverage behavioural trends? Gain a single view of your customers regardless of what channel or device they use to get in touch with you.

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