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Data integration

The ability to effectively engage with today’s dynamic, empowered and hyperconnected customers requires instant access to fresh, flexible customer data. Experian's cross-channel marketing platform enables marketers to easily integrate real-time customer data from any source and any channel, into an always-fresh central repository. Brands can then layer integrated customer data with Experian's deep consumer insights to gain a true panoramic view of their customers that can be immediately leveraged for more effective targeting, triggering and personalisation of marketing campaigns across all channels.

Integrate customer data from any source, including:
    Data Integration
  • CRM systems
  • Customer databases
  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Call centers
  • Preference centers
  • Social media sites
  • Third-party systems
Turn customer insights into intelligent cross-channel campaigns

Drive intelligent targeting, real-time triggering and dynamic content decisions leveraging integrated customer data and Experian's deep consumer insights.

Evolve and explore always-fresh customer data through an intuitive, graphical user interface

Experian's cross-channel marketing platform’s unique data capabilities are derived from its flexible, relational database and intuitive interface. Data exploration is made simple enough to support marketers of any skill level, but also robust enough to support complex data structures and table relationships.

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