Interaction management

Integrated customer data and insights are what enable a cross-channel marketing platform, but what makes it exceptionally effective is that the information living in the platform can immediately be put into action via a triggered marketing outreach. Experian Marketing Services’ cross-channel marketing platform empowers marketers to trigger highly optimised and coordinated messages across channels based on customers’ real-time actions and responses to campaigns. All messages are created and delivered directly from the platform, ensuring that customer response behaviour is immediately captured and accessible to drive even greater relevancy in subsequent interactions.

Seamlessly execute campaigns and track customer activity and responses across channels
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Record and immediately integrate customer activity and response history with existing customer data

Triggered messages are automated and require little to no intervention to intelligently interact and engage with customers across channels. Potential triggers may include:

  • Email opens
  • Link clicks
  • Form submissions
  • Purchases
  • Social interactions
  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • SMS responses
  • Calls to call center

Deliver coordinated and consistent brand experiences

Ensure your customers always receive the most relevant content and offers by managing all cross-channel interactions from a single platform.

Experian Marketing Suite

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