Customer Centric Transformation – How Australian CMOs are Driving Change

Customer Centric Transformation – How Australian CMOs are Driving Change

Unlock transformational insights from Australia’s most prominent CMO’s

Digital disruption and market forces, along with evolving consumer behaviour and needs, are driving customer centric change. Without established processes or guidelines, CMOs are largely feeling their way. Our research examines key themes, shared experiences, learnings and identifies common signposts to build a case for customer centric change.


Key Findings & Insights:

  • CMOs have become more influential. 63% of CMOs reported increasing influence in the last 12 months, and have witnessed the emergence of a new role – the CMO.
  • CMOs are held back by a fear of failure. Just 12% of those starting the customer centric journey state their business is accepting of failure compared to 50% of the most mature organisations.
  • 43% of CMOs believe the pace of change is too slow. Many Australian CMOs are adopting agile methodologies to accelerate change and secure quick wins.
  • Access the 6 Effective Practices of Progressive Customer Centric CMO’s. How to have the ear of the CMO, embrace digital channels, broaden skillsets and link measurement to financial performance.

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