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Identify what drives competitors' success

Hitwise delivers daily insights from the world’s largest sample of online consumer behaviour to help marketers increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Reporting on over 75 million website visits and more than 13 billion searches per month in Australia, Hitwise has established a reputation as the digital data specialist of choice

Hitwise Competitive Intelligence tool enables clients to

  • Gain insights into competitors’ search, affiliate and display strategies and metrics
  • Determine what is driving competitors' success
  • Find new customers by profiling who visits competitive sites
  • Respond quickly to changing consumer behaviour and trends
  • Optimise content for your target audiences
  • Use historical consumer behaviour data to forecast future trends

With the Hitwise Competitive Intelligence tool you can

  • Benchmark your online marketing efforts against key competitors and discover insights to drive revenue using Hitwise Rankings
  • Profile visitors and websites. Reach, acquire and retain key customer segments by building a clear understanding of target consumers through a unique set of device, demographic, lifestyle, behavioural and geographic profiles of visitors to competitor websites.
  • Analyse relationships to know where new and current customers go before and after they visit your site, or a competitors website using Hitwise Clickstream
  • Optimise search campaigns by finding search terms which drive traffic, identifying popular search term variations and analysing paid and organic listings using Hitwise Search Intelligence.

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