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Our solutions help to optimise site performance based on measured consumer behaviour

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Experian FootFall helps to optimise site performance based on measured consumer behaviour: we help organisations to increase their profitability, selling efficiency and customer service, and realise their business improvement opportunities by analysing customer numbers, sales conversion rates and customer behaviour.

Increasing the profitability of your business

We help you to drive business profitability through providing solutions that identify opportunity, increase sales performance and realise operational efficiencies. This enables you to quantify the impact of business change, marketing events and other activities.

Increasing  selling efficiency and customer service

We help you to ensure that customers experience the highest level of service, and that operational tasks do not dilute the customer experience. We identify when your team can focus on converting visitors into actual customers, and quantify the return on investment in customer service initiatives.

Accurately counting footfall, customer traffic and flows

We use industry-leading, location-optimised, data collection devices to integrate seamlessly with your existing EPOS (electronic point of sales) systems across the world for the continuous and reliable capture of footfall and customer traffic numbers. We provide sophisticated audit and reporting capabilities which ensures that the information captured is reliable.

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