the fraudster’s
modus operandi

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Understanding the fraudster’s modus operandi

Understanding the behaviour of fraudsters is essential in order for us to enable our clients to manage and optimise risk prevention and to detect and reduce fraud throughout the customer life cycle.

Through interviews with both convicted and unconvicted fraudsters we’ve built first hand insight into ‘Understanding the fraudster’s modus operandi’. 

This research, has been conducted in the UK through face-to-face and telephone interviews with both convicted and unconvicted fraudsters and fraud industry stakeholders, such as law enforcement officials, ecommerce professionals and fraud managers. 

The research behind this document has been distilled into four stages which break down the fraudster’s modus operandi (MO). 

This is partly as a result of the wealth of insight that fraudsters were happy to divulge about how they initially stole the victim’s identity. Also as identity theft is often only the first stage in the fraud life cycle there is the prospect for more of the fraudster’s behaviour to be understood and acted on, thus providing further opportunities to detect fraudsters as they ply their trade. The four stages of the fraud life cycle we focus on in this document are categorised as identity theft, perpetration, delivery and distribution. 

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