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Strategy Optimisation

Strategy OptimisationAn organisation's customer database is one of its most valuable assets.

How you use it will determine the most effective way for you to interact with your customers - whether it is acquiring new ones, retaining existing relationships or offering new products and services. But since each customer interaction has its own set of business goals and constraints, the decision-making process is a complex one. How can you maximise your overall profitability and return on investment (ROI), while satisfying the interests of your customers?

Strategy Optimisation can provide the solution.

Put simply, Strategy Optimisation helps leading companies around the world make the best decisions about each account in a portfolio, in order to yield the highest profit and return.

Decision Strategy Optimisation comprises four key stages in the process:

Define: The key elements of the Optimization problem are defined and assessed.

Optimise: Optimised decision strategy trees are developed through “what-if?” scenario simulation within the Strategy Tree Optimisation software.

Deploy: The best tree is chosen for deployment in the existing strategy tree based decisioning software, with no infrastructural impact.

Maintain: Monitoring and performance maintenance through regular reviews, and expanding the system to other decision points.

We also offer Marketswitch Optimisation, which is a strategic decisioning tool that uses a patented, mathematical process to make value-maximising decisions from marketing and prospecting to customer acquisitions, portfolio management and collections and recovery.

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