Strategic Consultancy

Are you prepared for the credit reporting changes?

Combat Fraud with Shared Information

Globally, sharing credit application data via Experian's bureaus has delivered a 30% uplift in fraud detection. 

Now launching in Australia, the Experian Fraud Bureau delivers the most reliable and sophisticated tool for identifying fraud at the point of application, before it occurs.

Experian put to the test on Credit Reports

Every Australian is entitled to receive a free annual credit report.
Lara Pearce from The Sydney Morning Herald put the three Australian Credit Bureaus to the test – read more on her findings.

Strategic Consultancy

Discover untapped potential and explore profitable propositions

At Experian, the delivery of a solution is only a small aspect of our customer service. We build partnerships to support and enhance our service through strategic consultancy.

Are you prepared for the credit reporting changes??

Whether or not you’ve started the journey, it’s important to have the full picture of how the new Comprehensive Credit Reporting rules will impact your organisation from March 2014.

Experian has global expertise within comprehensive credit reporting environments as well as having an in-depth knowledge of the Australian credit environment.

With a team of local and global expert consultants, Experian are well placed to assist you with managing the legislative transition and to discover untapped potential and explore profitable propositions that will arise from these changes.

We can help with:

  • Defining or validating migration strategies: Using global expertise and insights, Experian's TransitionPartner will help you simulate potential benefits and develop transitional roadmaps and business cases to make sure you meet the deadline
  • Redevelopment of scoring models and decisioning strategies.
  • Compliance Checklist: We’ll help evaluate how your organisation can meet the minimum requirements and be in a position to take advantage of the proposed credit legislative changes.
  • Data Quality Evaluation: Together with an Experian Business Consultant, identify the critical data elements for your business, evaluate the processes that create them and ensure that edits are in place at the point of data capture.
  • Credit Bureau Strategies: With the opportunity to acquire information from alternative credit bureaus, Experian can evaluate how your organisation can use a multiple bureau strategy to make the best use of the available data.
  • Enhanced Business Management: Determine the optimal business roadmap  of initiatives to generate the greatest return.
  • Portfolio Management: Capitalise on the new reporting environment to create customer stickiness and increase income per customer.
  • Customer Acquisition Optimisation: An analysis of your current strategies can result in improvements that will generate more effective offers, a more profitable channel mix and an increase in the amount of products per customer.
  • Delinquency and Loss-Minimisation: Benchmark your processes against leading global best-practice in the industry and highlight areas of opportunities for improvement throughout your collections strategies.

Comprehensive Credit Reporting : Are you Ready?Comprehensive Credit Reporting - Are you Ready?

The introduction of comprehensive credit reporting spells change for credit providers. It's vital that organisations understand the implications for their business and begin preparing for this change.

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