Scoring & Scorecards

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Scoring & Scorecards

ScorecardsNever before has there been so much customer data available, both from within your organisation and from external sources. The challenge is using this data optimally and in an objective manner, which is not easy.

The key to unravelling its complexity and unlocking its potential value is through scoring or statistical modelling.

Decision Analytics scoring models

Experian builds generic and custom scoring models in markets all over the world.

We provide a range of custom and generic scorecards for clients across multiple industry sectors.

  • Application Scoring helps companies such as financial organisations make informed decisions as to whether to accept, decline or refer new customers.
  • Credit Risk Scoring can then provide clients with a customer's previous payment history, enabling them to assess future credit risk and set the right pricing and terms for credit offers.
  • Behavioural Scoring products can be used throughout the customer life cycle, assessing a customer's suitability for new products based on previous behaviour and account payment history.

Scoring will enable you to turn your data into effective customer intelligence and allow you to predict how an applicant or customer might behave in the future. Scoring will ultimately allow you to develop customer management strategies that maximise each individual's current and potential value to your organisation, reduce the risk of bad debt and reduce your decision processing time.

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