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Balanced Fraud Prevention is Key in Today's Omni-Channel Environment


In this perspective paper, we consult with Albert van Wyk, Head of Fraud and ID at Experian Asia-Pacific, and explore the dangers that both consumers and businesses face in today's omni-channel environment. Businesses are continually striving to deliver an optimum customer experience and consumers have come to expect it, so what are the impacts of this on fraud and security?

Fraud is very challenging in the omni-channel landscape, and as the number of touch points increase between a consumer and a business so too will fraud rates. It's therefore important for businesses to take careful precautions that will help protect their business and not compromise the customer experience.

Download the perspective paper today and you will discover:

  • What are the main dangers of fraud displacement and what your business could do to overcome these?
  • How the omni-channel evolution has created more opportunities for fraudsters
  • How can your business safeguard itself from fraudulent attacks within the mobile channel which is becoming the 'new channel of choice'?
  • Which consumer segment is at most risk?
  • How to move your business to a position of trust with a balanced fraud prevention strategy without impeding the customer experience?

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