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Corporate Fraud: Protecting your business against attack


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Corporate Fraud: Protecting your business against attack

 Corporate Fraud: Protecting your businesses against attack

This informative perspective paper on corporate fraud is based on research undertaken in 2014 with over 200 businesses across multiple industries within Australia.

Fraud in Australia is becoming increasingly talked about and prominent, with figures showing exponential growth, record volumes of attacks and exorbitant amounts of stolen money.

Unfortunately however, many businesses are still largely unaware of the looming threat that is corporate fraud. Corporate fraud is defined as any fraud committed against a business.

  • One in five Australian businesses experience daily fraud attacks
  • The average cost of cybercrime per business surveyed reached $4M in 2013
  • Australia is in the top 10 most targeted countries across Asia Pacific
  • Challenging economic conditions in the region has resulted in increased unethical practices

Download this perspective paper to find out why and how Australia is at risk and how you could build and implement a responsive fraud strategy to help protect your business.

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