Debt Management

Experian Decision Analytics

Debt Management

Debt ManagementExperian's collections & recoveries proposition is based on the need to automate and streamline the collections process to collect more debt from more customers.

It enables organisations to minimise bad debt and rehabilitate customers rapidly, to reduce attrition and maintain revenue streams for the future profitability of the organisation

Introducing Tallyman

Tallyman is the sophisticated software system that is at the heart of the Decision Analytics debt management solution from Experian. The system streamlines:

  • the collections process,
  • reduces bad debt write-offs,
  • improves cash flow,
  • reduces provisioning and
  • cures more customers, which improves customer relationships and facilitates future selling opportunities.

Collect more from more customers

Experian's unique, end-to-end collections and recoveries offering provides a better insight into customers and enables the recovery of more debt, more effectively.

  • Knowing your customers
    Correctly identify who to collect from, and make sure operators can find and communicate with them.
  • Understanding your customers
    Plan collections activities based on an in-depth understanding of the customer.
  • Targeting your customers
    Create individual contact and collections strategies for each customer for the most effective activities.
  • Interacting with your customers
    Execute and automate strategies for the lowest cost and most efficient collections operation

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