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What is Decision Analytics?

Decision Analytics is the international division of Experian specialised in providing credit risk and fraud management consulting services and products.

With clients in more than 60 countries the Decision Analytics division of Experian delivers experience and expertise developed from working with national and international organisations around the world across a wide range of industries and business size.

Fraud Prevention & Identification

Fraud has been identified as the biggest cause of revenue loss for financial, telecommunications and insurance organisations - and it is on the increase. Experian has fraud solutions that can help our clients to protect themselves at all stages of the customer lifecycle from application fraud and identity theft to transactional and open account fraud.


Take a powerful approach to customer acquisition with PowerCurve™ Originations from Experian. Powerful decisioning and business process management capabilities enhance your originations process across channels, whilst minimising costly customisations or coding.

Acquire good customers with Software-as-a-Service

Put customer acquisition on the fast track with the flexibility to drive new growth and revenue. With a Software-as-a-Service delivery model, PowerCurve™ OnDemand can be deployed quickly and with low upfront cost.

Customer Management

PowerCurve™ Customer Management from Experian gives you unmatched capabilities for turning customer-level analytic insights into a coordinated set of account-level treatment strategies, rapidly deployed and consistently executed across product lines and channels.

Data Modelling & Scorecards

With so much customer data available from both internal and external sources, the challenge is now, how to use this data optimally and in an objective manner. The key to unravelling its complexity and unlocking its potential value is through scoring or statistical modelling.

Intelligent Business Reporting

Experian's Intelligent Business Reporting (Reporting Studio) is an advanced monitoring solution that offers immediate access to this kind of insight. It uses built-in expertise to rapidly create detailed reports specifically designed for the key reporting requirements.

Strategic Consulting

Our consultants work to understand our clients, their business objectives, challenges, goals and constraints. They help to identify and prioritise key objectives and the most effective marketing and credit strategies. 

Our Experience

Over more than 30 years, our Experian Decision Analytics team has been building and refining enterprise-wide solutions that combine data intelligence, predictive analytics, decision-enabling technologies, strategy Optimisation and consulting services to enrich client data.

Our experience in data management and modelling enables us to build more than 300 scorecards per year. Our fraud and identity solutions help clients to protect themselves at all stages of the customer lifecycle - from application processing and authentication to transactional and open account fraud. We also provide business lending solutions that help customers such as financial institutions make better informed decisions when providing credit to small and medium-sized businesses.

We can call upon over 200 analytics experts worldwide and 100 business consultants, who provide a full range of strategic consultancy services. They bring a deep understanding of industries and local markets and work to partner with clients in order to really understand their objectives, challenges and opportunities.

Taken as a whole, we can provide our clients with robust decisioning, and we have over 1,500 systems deployed for Origination, customer management, collections and fraud prevention. This helps them to maximise profitability and performance from their customer relationships - while minimising risk.

Our Regional Delivery Centre (RDC) in Asia Pacific is a dedicated project delivery team to provide fast and effective response to analytic needs.  The team brings in local talents, industry intelligence and extensive experiences including scorecard development over the entire credit life cycle, Basel II IRB solution, strategy analysis and optimisation.

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