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What is an Experian Credit Report?

Experian's Credit Report is free and provides a snapshot of an individual’s current and historic credit information.

Your Experian Credit Report will also include your Credit Score, which is a number between 0 and 1000 that represents your credit worthiness.

What information is contained in an Experian Credit Report?

An Experian Credit Report contains details about a person’s identity and certain credit related information. The information that can be held on a credit report is strictly regulated under the Privacy Act (Cth) 1988.

Experian obtains information from credit providers when an individual makes an application for consumer credit products - such as a mortgage account, credit card or personal loan. Consumer credit products include mobile phone accounts (postpaid), gas or electricity accounts. In addition to credit related information, Experian also obtains other publicly available information held on individuals including bankruptcy and judgement information. A credit file is updated by credit providers each time an individual applies for credit.

Many credit providers may also report your Repayment History Information. This information shows whether you have made the agreed repayments on your loans on time.

Do you have a credit file with Experian?

If you have applied for credit and are over 18 years of age, it is possible that you will have a credit file with a credit reporting bureau such as Experian. You can order your free Experian Credit Report and Score to find out what information Experian holds about you How to order your Experian Credit Report.

Why do lenders use your Experian Credit Report?

Credit providers are only allowed to view your credit report if they have a 'permitted purpose' to do so under the Privacy Act. The main reasons that a credit provider is permitted to view your credit report are:

  • If you make a formal application to a credit provider for credit (you give your permission for the credit provider to access your credit report by signing the application)
  • If you are a customer of the organisation and they are concerned that you might be at risk of not being able to make your credit payments
  • If you are a customer of a credit provider organisation and have missed one or more payments to them (the credit provider will tell you when they will be viewing your Credit Report).

Your Credit Report includes a section called the File Access Record, that shows you which credit providers have viewed your credit report in the last 5 years. The File Access Record also shows when they viewed your credit report and the reason why they did so.

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