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About Experian Mosaic

Define, measure, describe and engage your target audience.

Experian Marketing Services Mosaic’ is a household based consumer lifestyle segmentation system that classifies all Australian households and neighborhoods into 49 unique Types and 13 overarching Groups, providing a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences and habits.

The latest version reflects critical new data presented in the 2011 census and provides up to date and comprehensive information about people within neighbourhoods. This data, alongside individual household level information, gives powerful insights into consumers’ sociodemographics, lifestyles, behaviours and culture, providing organisations with the most accurate and comprehensive view of their customers, prospects and markets.

Experian Mosaic offers a common customer language to define, measure, describe and engage target audiences through accurate segment definitions that enable more strategic and sophisticated conversations with consumers.

Key Facts:

  • Mosaic Australia is designed to identify groups of consumer behaviour. Information is gathered for all residents and households in the country. Measures are created from all data sources for the local neighbourhoods represented by Mesh Blocks. These areas contain on average 34 households.
  • Built using a four-stage approach, including a detailed analysis of the latest societal trends in Australia, acquisition and development of the most appropriate data sources required to classify consumers accurately, a sophisticated proprietary approach to cluster analysis and analysis of market research to assist in the validation and interpretation of the segmentation.
  • More than 450 variables have been used to develop the Mosaic classification. The result is a multi-dimensional segmentation that classifies the population into one of 49 distinct Mosaic Types aggregated into 13 Groups.
  • Experian has established itself as a leading global provider of consumer classifications over 30 years. This latest version takes its place amongst a family of consumer segmentation that is available in 28 countries and classifies over two billion consumers worldwide.


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