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Drawing on extensive data resources from Experian’s credit bureau and CoreLogic’s property data, the Consumer Credit Insights Report provides a view of consumer risk across Australia. This report looks at four key areas: economic risk, consumer credit risk, property value risk, and a new risk indicator that combines consumer and property risk at a postcode level of geography.

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  • National indicators paint a relatively benign picture across both Experian’s and CoreLogic’s data however this contrasts sharply at state, regional and postcode-levels.
  • On both consumer and property risk profiles Western Australia and South Australia are performing significantly worse than national averages, with Western Australia trending sharply in a negative direction over the past 12 months.
  • Analysis at a postcode level in metropolitan Sydney reveals broad swathes of the city with low consumer risk and considerable property value appreciation that contrast sharply with areas of high consumer risk coupled with property price depreciation.

The combination of measures of risk factors reveals a highly diversified landscape in a unique way. Get your complimentary copy today!

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