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In a competitive environment, mutual trust is key to forging healthy, long-term customer relationships. Fraud and identity theft can undermine this trust, and expose you and your customers to serious issues. Experian’s Fraud and Identity Solutions help clients build trusted relationships with legitimate customers and constituents at every point of contact. As a global steward of identity and behavioural information, we have developed deep expertise, unique data assets and advanced analytics that are proven to reduce fraud while increasing straight-though processing and the quality of interactions across all channels.

We accomplish this by applying a broad array of automated verification techniques to reduce the complexity of managing customer interactions while assuring a consistent, reliable and secure end-user experience. Additional protection is available through participation in our fraud data consortiums which enable members to receive early warning of actual and potential frauds occurring at other organisations.

How Experian can help?

  • Increase retained revenue and reduce losses from fraud
  • Improve the quality of the customer experience
  • Maximise straight-though processing
  • Improve staffing efficiency and scalability
  • Avoid false positives and abandonment
  • Minimise referrals, manual reviews, investigation time and excessive burdens on investigative staff

Application Fraud

Fraud is the biggest cause of revenue loss for Australian businesses. The new Australian Fraud Bureau will help you to detect potentially fraudulent applications even before a customer is accepted, in a speedy and efficient way.


We can provide you with instant verification and validation tools for preventing fraud in real time, while conducting secure online and call centre transactions. 

Identity Proofing

Instantly verify that people are who they claim to be and comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and regulations. We’ll also help you access a range of authentication techniques for electronic identity checking and physical document verification.

Fraud detection systems

Apply advanced analytics to instantly quantify risk with behavioural modeling, pattern detection and predictive scoring.

Gain real-time access to known frauds, aliases, suspicious addresses and more.Automate screening, secondary verifications and issue resolution to increase straight-though processing, customer satisfaction and investigator productivity.

Fraud Consulting

Our consultants have years of experience fighting fraud for some of the largest institutions in the world

This enables them to help you effectively balance the tradeoffs involved in managing fraud while maximising revenue, customer satisfaction and productivity

Fraud Strategy

Our specialised fraud consultants work with your team to develop fraud strategies that deliver immediate results and provide a solid foundation for building sustainable value over time.

They understand your unique business challenges and can provide practical guidance, whether you need a quick fix to a pressing problem or a full evaluation of your fraud prevention programme.

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