Customer Acquisition and Origination

Find and acquire customers. Target the right consumers and businesses for your products and credit services.

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Increase Revenue Through Customer Acquisition

When it comes to customer acquisition, Experian® is uniquely positioned to help its clients overcome the complexity of the marketplace. The wealth of our business services includes data and analytical expertise as well as marketing and measurement capabilities. Together, these offerings help clients acquire customers, automate processing and decisioning, increase revenue, and reduce acquisition costs and risks.

Marketing Strategy and Consulting

We can help you to identify and target your best prospects with our unique data assets and unrivalled experience.

> Email Marketing Solutions

> Competitor Intelligence

> Social Media Marketing

Customer Foresight

We can help you identify with your customers, from knowing where they live and how to communicate with them, to understanding what motivates them to buy and what they might buy next. We can also provide an insight to the many different forces - social, economic, technological, cultural and political - that shape society, markets and the lives of individuals.

Determine Best Offer

Set optimal lending terms using scoring and segmentation tools. Our programs analyze credit application data and automate the decisioning process to provide you with the most profitable offer recommendations.

Improve Direct Mailings

Achieve better results from your direct mail offers by having valid data, correct addresses to improve delivery and suppression techniques to exclude customers you aren’t targeting. These simple measures significantly decrease costs associated with returned mail or non-conversion.

> Direct Mail Solutions

Local market and Retail planning

A detailed knowledge and understanding of local markets is a core requirement of many strategic and tactical planning processes. We can help you to plan retail networks and sales territories, allocate media expenditure, set sales targets and allocate public sector resources with insight and confidence.

> Measure customer behaviour and shopper traffic

Data Integrity and Database Management

We can make it easy for you to improve the quality, integrity and consistency of your customer information. Our data enrichment and cleansing products and services will enable you to reduce costs, increase productivity and gain a deeper insight into your target markets.

> Contact Data Management solutions

Market Research

Gain a better understanding of consumer behavior, attitudes and motivations, and get an accurate picture of your prospects using our extensive online research and customized modeling tools.

> Competitive Intelligence

Email Marketing

Acquire new customers using the most advanced email marketing technology available. Our groundbreaking software allows you to analyse multiple sources so you can determine which marketing messages resonate with your customers and prospects. Create highly individualised messages based on consumer behaviours and increasing your online transaction rates. 

> Email Marketing Solutions

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