Quick Guide to Retargeting on Facebook Website Custom Audiences

Posted on Apr 07 2014 by

Jermyn originally posted this article on ClickZ. An overview of how direct response marketers can optimize Facebook’s new custom audience features to improve conversions. In January, Facebook released new ways to target people who have visited a website or a mobile app. This is different from FBX, as it allows any site owner to quickly […]

Creating an authentic customer connection in a cross-channel environment

Posted on Mar 25 2014 by

Experian conducted research with over 200 Australian marketing leaders for our annual Digital Marketer report and found that marketers are still getting to grips with big data and how to use it. Our research results correlate with ADMA’s theme of smarter more efficient processes. The results show marketing professionals are struggling to harness data, clearly identify their ‘best’ customer and can feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data at their disposal.

The Australian Privacy changes are now live – are you ready?

Posted on Mar 12 2014 by

Today, changes to the Privacy Act that have been 8 years in the making are going into effect. We’ve been blogging about these changes for many months to help prepare our customers. But here’s a quick summary in case you’ve missed all that.

Privacy Act changes: APP12 & APP13 – your right to access information

Posted on Mar 12 2014 by

The key point here is that you must give individuals access to their personal information on request, there are separate grounds for refusal of access and these are covered in the OAIC guidelines. The challenge is providing excellent customer service while making sure you provide access ONLY to the authorised individual. In accordance with the […]

Privacy Act changes: APP 11 – what you need to know about keeping data secure

Posted on Mar 11 2014 by

In my previous blog I discussed APP10, which deals with the quality of personal information that you can collect, use and disclose. The four areas listed in APP10 being data accuracy, keeping the data up-to-date, complete and relevant. In this blog we cover APP11 at a high level; you can access more specific guidelines on the OAIC website.

Sharing – Watch this space

Posted on Feb 19 2014 by

Sharing – to join with another or others in the use of (something). Digitise this concept and we get the sharing economy or peer economy where owners rent out something they’re not using – their homes, their bicycles, their cars, their Wi-Fi connections, or even their spare time to do tasks.

Privacy Act changes: APP 10 – Is your data relevant?

Posted on Feb 17 2014 by

For those of you following along, you might wonder what happened to APP9. Because Experian Marketing Services does not deal with Government identifiers, and most marketers should not as well, we felt it wasn’t relevant for this blog series. But if you need to know more about APP9, check out the quick reference at the […]

Grab the attention of your best customer

Posted on Feb 07 2014 by

Actually, getting your best customer to engage with your brand likely requires an integrated approach that taps into all of these consumer touch-points. Here we examine some areas that marketers should be thinking about as they tailor their strategies in 2014.

Analysing Mosaic Australia’s relationship with voting choice

Posted on Feb 03 2014 by

As it’s the start of the New Year, we were interested to look at Experian Mosaic in a new way and see if there was a correlation between our geo-demographic segmentation and voting preferences in the Federal elections. With Mosaic’s ability to provide a highly detailed view of household characteristics, an examination of how votes were directed within each seat was able to show which types of people were more likely to vote for particular political parties.

Privacy update: keep data safe across borders under APP8

Posted on Jan 23 2014 by

This month, we focus on one of the most misunderstood APPs, APP8 “Cross border disclosure of personal data”.
I’ve encountered many people, including lawyers, who think this APP makes it illegal to send data overseas. That means there may be some confusion interpreting the requirement and policy intention of APP8.