Cyber criminals ‘to adopt new approaches’

Businesses that are putting fraud prevention procedures in place have been advised that new methods could soon be adopted by cyber criminals.

According to Graeme Batsman, Director of Data Defender, this is because a growing number of web-enabled portable devices are coming on to the market, while more people are making use of these gadgets.

He said this means cyber criminals will try to "target new angles" in order to continue finding possible victims.

Mr Batsman has therefore urged both businesses and individuals to do more than the basics, such as installing an antivirus system on their computer, to reduce their chances of being affected by fraud.

"It's [all] very well having a firewall on your computer, but click on a dodgy link and it may not help you," he commented.

Mr Batsman added that malware infections can come from various sources, such as phone attacks, websites and drive-by downloads, rather than just dodgy attachments on emails.

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